SimTek LMS- An Introduction

  • SimTek LMS- An Introduction

    Posted by simTek, 2020-01-29 09:56 PM

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SimTek is a cloud-based, lean LMS with an accentuation on ease of use and simple course creation. With SimTek LMS we needed to make a superior learning background all around that really matters – and we are amped up for this new advertising.

The item centers around little, however, developing associations. So there are various snags that restrict little associations from utilizing e-learning. But to be beneficial, private ventures require various devices and a few related administrations. For example, setup and upkeep, course creation and the help of end-clients. But All these require sufficient time, assets and cash. It shocks no one that most little associations discover e-taking in a non-feasible interest and inclines toward on-work or casual preparing techniques.

With SimTek LMS we attempted to answer one primary inquiry:

How Might We Give Genuine Incentive To Little Associations Through e-Learning?

We have an overarching speculation that is the premise of all that we did with SimTek LMS. This speculation needs to do with both e-Learning and the earth in which a little organization needs to adjust and develop. Our principle theory is this: “for a little association to embrace e-Learning we as a matter of first importance need to make it a super lean ordeal”

In any case, what characterizes a lean affair? There are various diverse approaches to approach lean. In fact, we needed to extend our principle speculation to see the issue from various points. Here’s the manner by which we moved toward the issue and what you can anticipate from SimTek:

SimTek LMS is enhanced around productive time utilization

Time is hard to come by and time administration is integral to beating work over-burden and being more proficient. Productive time use is a strong base to help long-standing development. So we realize that little organizations have exhausted individuals with different jobs. Therefore we needed to make their lives less demanding.

How you advantage:

Clear as crystal UI, fewer arrangements, fewer strides to finish anything, expanded maintenance, limited hazard.


Disregard making courses without any preparation. In addition with SimTek LMS you can make courses by changing and reusing content from different sources to recount intriguing stories with improved learning characteristics. Reuse content from introductions, YouTube, Wikipedia, SlideShare, Scribd and numerous more sources. Make courses in no time flat instead of a couple of days.

How you advantage:  

Reuse material from your present introductions, word reports, recordings or any online material from websites to social destinations. We change the substance to improve the watcher encounter.


SimTek LMS depends on traditions. A tradition is an all-around characterized default that works as a rule. Traditions mean fewer settings, fewer issues and expanded efficiency.

How you advantage:

Limit time to be profitable, enhanced client encounter, expanded efficiency.

Cloud: Letting you focus on results and not on innovation

SimTek LMS lives on the cloud. Cloud is extremely about accommodation. Similarly you can begin or stop your learning entryway quickly, you can develop as much as you prefer. Likewise, you can limit your expenses and have a totally computerized condition. As it were, a cloud arrangement gives you a chance to focus on results and not innovation.

How you advantage:

Pay as you go, begin/stop at whatever point you need, scale as required, Therefore we handle all refreshed redesigns reinforcement.


Most apparatuses offer diverse encounters among versatile and work area interfaces. We don’t. Similarly, SimTek LMS is worked without any preparation to work with present-day gadgets and is streamlined around them.

How you advantage:

The equivalent upgraded widespread interface fits all gadgets

Basic, not oversimplified

In conclusion, Lean does not mean shortsighted or problematic. We always discuss and equalization the upsides and downsides of additional usefulness. We need to keep it extremely basic and yet intense and versatile.

How you advantage:

Every one of the instruments you require in one advantageous bundle.

- simTek