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Your marketing team holds the growth of your business in their hands. Use a learning management system to deliver online training for marketing staff , so you can sit back and watch as your customer acquisition and retention rates rise to record levels.

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SimTek LMS to train your marketing team

In a comparison with traditional classroom training which may be good enough to achieve ordinary results, the online training is the only way to take the experience & results to next level. Conducting online training for the marketing teams would ensure the reach to audiences is maximized and the programs can be easily accessed by the teams anytime they need a revisit.

Improves Training


The marketing teams stay updated with any additions to the existing training modules and can be trained with out any interruptions in the current work flow. The entire training system is centrally managed and organized with easy access to those authorized.

Minimizes Disruptions

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Using an e-learning software system for you marketing training reduces any potentials disruptions and help get back to work faster as this makes the training so flexible that any team-member can engage in training as per their availability.

Reduces Training Costs

Online teaching platform

The e-learning system used to train your marketing teams not only reduces cost in-terms of travel, location and instructors but also ensure re-usability of the content over and over again with no additional costs.

Simplifies Administration


When the marketing training is conducted online this can help you teams stay updated with the latest marketing training modules/ developments as the entire training is managed and organized centrally

Report Tool


SimTek LMS has an integrated reporting and analytics tools that can generate automated reports on request and customized as required.

Different Training Methods


SimTek E-learning platform also supports virtual classroom for any webinars, real-time virtuals discussions, e-meetings, etc as this is an extension not be just limited to self-paced marketing training.

Any Time, Any Where

Online teaching platform

With SimTek LMS you can take online trainings from any devices on the go. The marketing teams can access all the trainings from their mobile at any time anywhere.



SimTek E-learning platform is a cloud based learning platform independent of any installations or device limitations, this doesn’t need any maintenance or backups as everything is right on the cloud. All this is taken care by SimTek’s technical teams.

Automated Administration


With SimTek it is a stress-free admin work as its is completely automated with just a few actions to be done initially. With the integrations feature the e-learning system can be managed with single sign-on feature.

SimTek LMS system helps organizations to deliver effective online training to the marketing teams which comes with a bunch of features that simplifies the online training process. this can be easily deployed and managed.

Team Training

Now a days the marketers can’t be limited to just one skill but they need to master skills including digital media, analytics, sales and more. But, all the employees who join don’t come with this kind of skillset hence they need training enhancing the skills for sales, digital marketing, etc. and they need to up to date with the market. With the help of online training the effort and time spent for this kind of trainings can be highly beneficial. This in-turn would also add value to the work done by the marketing teams and shoots the profits of your organization.

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Slash Admin Tasks by Automating Them

Simtek LMS has made user enrollment easier and seamless. Administrators can save ample time spend earlier in user management.

Improves team motivation

These training would not only make your staff perform but add more value to the business by being motivated and up-to-date with current market trends. The employee engagement is taken to next level with an e-learning platform which ultimately builds trust of the employees towards the organization.

Latest Marketing Trends

Even best of the companies fail to keep the traction of their products if the marketing strategies are improved as per the market conditions. So it is very important for a company to keep their marketing staff up-to-date with latest market trends and train them accordingly. These trainings of the marketing teams has a bunch of benefits to the organization.

Businesses become more agile

The businesses can be more agile by training your marketing teams, you business would adapt to changing market conditions.

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Increases efficiency

The efficiency of the marketing team is increased by training the teams with latest methods. As e-learning expedites the process of training this in words saves a lot of time and cost to the company and making the marketing team more efficient.

Reduces costs

Saving cost is one important aspect to any business, especially the training costs. Now the e-learning system not only saves cost to the company but it takes leaning experience to next level with the help of a user-friendly and easy to use e-learning platform like SimTek.